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  • E-Statement are now available
    If you would like to receive your monthly statement through home banking please send us an e-mail and we will set you up...
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  • Satisfied member are the best advertising
    We have been growing steadily over the last few years and many of you use all our services and loan products. We hope...
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  • New insurance programs for members
    Four Corners has partnered with insurance companies to make auto, homeowner, AD&D, life and medicare insurance...
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  • Welcome Navajo Nation Shiprock Police Department employees!
    Navajo Nation Shiprock Police Department employees and their immediate family members are eligible to join...
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    To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions...
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Welcome to Four Corners FCU


Mobile Banking - WELL…….it is taking longer than anticipated. We have submitted all of our paperwork and we are waiting. They can’t give me an exact date so we just have to be patient. We will post it on our website when it is ready. We appreciate your patience.

New Certificate of Deposit - New Name: Rate Builder Certificate
GOOD NEWS….We are up and running. This is how it will work and we think you will like it.

  1. Minimum monthly deposit $100.00 for Adults and $5.00 for children under 18.
  2. Starting Rate will be 1.30%
  3. Dividends are paid monthly
  4. If you deposit the minimum or more your rate will increase by .033% each month for 3 years.
  5. In 3 years you will top out at 2.50%. It will remain at that rate for the next 2 years and the Certificate will mature at 5 years. If the rates for Certificates start rising, the Board of Directors have the right to increase the rates. They will not be lowered on the existing Certificates.
  6. A member can make a withdrawal during the month and if the money plus the normal deposit is put back before the end of the month the rate will increase accordingly.
  7. If funds are withdrawn and not put back within the month the rate will revert back to 1.30% and the interest progression starts over.
  8. If a deposit is not made but no money is withdrawn the rate stays the same

Rate Builder is being put in place to encourage saving for the future and not having to gather up enough funds to open the standard Certificates of Deposit ($1,000.00) or ($25,000.00). It will also give you an account that pays more and you do not have to save up $5,000.00 (normal amount necessary to start with a stock broker) to start a retirement program.

If you have questions about this certificate please call Phyllis at 598-3960 or ask any of the Board Members at your job site.


If you are considering retirement in the near future, it will be in your best interest to set up your account online if you have not done so. If you are interested in rolling your 401K over to the Credit Union into an IRA it can be done very fast if you are set up. Last week a member requested his 401K to be rolled over to the Credit Union on Friday morning and it was in his account on Monday. It normally takes 2 to 4 weeks when processed through the mail. If you do not have internet available see Phyllis and she will help you set up your online account for faster processing. She can also answer any questions you might have concerning IRA’s. Currently the Credit Union pays the highest dividends on IRA’s in the area and we do not charge withdrawal fees or Annual fees. We love the opportunity to take care of your retirement funds.

Don't Tax My Credit Union - Sign This Petition

Don't Tax My Credit Union

Banks and some politicians in Washington are talking about taxing credit unions, despite the fact that we are not-for-profit. They say we can balance the budget by taxing credit unions, even though credit unions hold only 6% of all financial assets nationwide, while banks hold an enormous 94 percent.
Since credit unions are not-for-profit, taxing credit unions could even destroy credit unions as we know it, eliminating financial options for consumers.
Moreover, taxing credit unions won't even scratch our budget deficit. For every $1 in new taxes on credit unions, the government would wipe out $10 in benefits to credit union members and consumers. So taxing credit unions is not only bad for our nation's economy, taxing credit unions is really just a tax on you, the member. 

That's why we need to send a strong message to Congress: "Don't Tax My Credit Union."
Watch the "Don't Tax My Credit Union" Video on YouTube
Click Here to Sign the Petition


  • If you want to renew a Pay Check Advance Loan (PAL) the tellers are able to do that for you and it is not necessary for you to wait for a Loan Officer.
  • If you are a first time applicant for a PAL loan you need to bring in a pay stub to verify your employment and will need to see a Loan Officer.
  • FYI. Anytime you apply for a new loan, you need to bring in your most recent pay stub.
PeopleEstablished in 1965, Four Corners Federal Credit Union in Kirtland, New Mexico services the full-time employees, retirees and immediate family of BHP-Billiton, Arizona Public Service (San Juan County only), Navajo Agriculture Products Industry, Navajo Housing Authority (San Juan County only), Raytheon Missle Systems (San Juan County only) and Central Consolidated Schools District #22. We offer savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit, loans, audio response teller and home banking. Our members enjoy personalized service from our friendly staff. Come see us at 16 CR 6500, Kirtland, New Mexico 87417 or call at 505-598-6623 to find out how you can become a member and enjoy the benefits of membership.