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Available Loans

  • New and Used Automobiles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Farm Equipment
  • Personal Loans

Loan rates vary depending on the age of the vehicle, your credit score and other factors. Contact a member of your credit union team for rate information

Apply Now

There is a $20.00/$35.00 nonrefundable application fee assessed when the application is received and processed by the credit union.


Online Loan Applications

When online loan applications are received, a loan officer will send you an email requesting documentation to complete your loan request.  Attached with email are two documents (Update and Reference form & Loan Application fee form). Please fill out and return completed forms along with your income verification. 

Include with your email-please answer the following questions:

  1. The purpose of the loan?
  2. Would you like Credit Life & Credit Disability Insurance on the loan?
  3. Will payments be payroll deductions or cash payments?

**$20.00/$35.00 nonrefundable application fee must be available in your account to start the process loan

Loan application will be processed and you will be contacted by the loan officer

You can contact us at:

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